On behalf of Building Dementia Friendly Maidstone, and as Chair of Maidstone Area Arts Partnership I have just visited Gloucester  and met with members of Mindsong. They are a truly wonderful organisation, with over 400 volunteers that provide free fortnightly sessions to over  50 care homes in and around Gloucester, primarily providing care for people living with dementia.

They didn’t achieve things overnight. It has taken many years,but they offer a shining example to Maidstone and the whole of Kent of what can be achieved with determination and empathy. Sitting in on two sessions , led by volunteers – like you and me, my wife Marilyn and I, saw people living with dementia come alive, responding to singing and personalised attention. The volunteers I talked to were very committed to a very rewarding, if it at times challenging activity.

Building Dementia Friendly Maidstone(BDFM) is a voluntary organisation committed to help people living with dementia lead their best possible lives. Singing offers a special opportunity for people living with dementia to be happy,to be part of a social activity, and to reconnect with positive memories. BDFM is planning to create 4 singing groups based on local care homes to support people living with dementia and their carers. If you and some of your organisation members are interested in making an important and rewarding contribution, I would love to hear from you.


Ken Scott

Chair, MAAP