Great News – Maidstone’s Art and Culture Strategy Approved

At the recent Maidstone’s Borough Council’s  Economic Regeneration and Leisure Committee meeting the Arts and Culture Strategy developed by Ann Marie Langley, the recently appointed Arts and Culture Officer was unanimously approved. The strategy, developed following extensive consultations with a range of organisations, including MAAP, contains a detailed action plan.

The 2 year action plan is design to address  MBC priorities of cultural place making; accessible by all; and being sustainable. Many of those actions are relevant to voluntary arts organisations, and provide an opportunity to contribute to the development of both the strategy and the activities that will realise it.

While not nearly enough to meet many people’s hopes and desires, it is a big and pragmatic step forward. If you want to find out more – click this link  Maidstone’s Art and Culture Strategy

This is a really useful document with loads of valuable information and analysis. Wellworth reading.