Maidstone Area Arts Partnership (MAAP) was formed in 1980 to enable all Maidstone’s communities to flourish through arts participation. MAAP became a registered charity in 2017 and is the largest collaborative arts organization in Maidstone.

MAAP is run by a diverse team of elected trustees, dedicated to supporting and celebrating all artistic expressions in and around Maidstone.

Our mission statement:

To represent and champion the needs of our arts community: encouraging collaboration, seeking and developing new opportunities.

To respond to wider community needs: improving social inclusion and encouraging individual participation.

Putting our mission into practice, we have identified the following four areas of priority:

1. Representation

2. Opportunity Development

3. Practical Enablement

4. Community Development

New members are always welcome and we look forward to supporting the development of arts and culture across Maidstone in the future.

Our trustees represent a wide range of arts activities, they are: